Sumerians is a city building game inspired by the history of the third millennium BC in Mesopotamia.

(The game is currently in development, therefore some of the described features may change or not be fully implemented.)

  • Building levels. The city will progress from mud houses to bigger buildings made of bricks.
  • Zoning where houses and business owned by citizens will spawn: Houses, workshops, farms, markets.
  • Desirability factors in urban zoning: wall level, land value, irrigation, commerce.
  • Salaries are paid with goods: Grain, beer, fabrics….
  • Agriculture. Grain, flax, other crops may be added.
  • Husbandry. Sheep, Cattle…
  • Production chains. Beer, Pottery, Fabrics, Weaponry…
  • Transportation of products. Transport workers, donkeys, oxen-carts.
  • Canals to increase irrigated areas.
  • Walls.Two levels: mud walls and bricks walls.
  • Crime will increase with population. Security guard posts reduce crime.
  • Water access for the population. Wells and Shadufs.
  • Ornamentation. Columns, Plants, Statues.
  • Temples and Ziggurats.
  • Administration workers to increase the efficiency of the city.
  • Trade to sell and import needed materials in the advance stage of the game, like cooper and tin.
  • Immigration. Quality of live and city reputation will attract new people.
  • Roads. Dirt roads are created by the citizens. The player can paint and erase more walking areas.
  • Statistics of population growth, production, storage…

Decumanus Games is a solo developer from Spain working on the game Sumerians.

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