Sumerians is a city building game inspired by the history of the third millennium BC in Mesopotamia

Features included in the Early Access release:
  • Building levels. The city will progress from mud houses to bigger buildings made of bricks.
  • Zoning where houses and business owned by citizens will spawn: Houses, workshops, farms, markets.
  • Salaries are paid with goods: Grain, Beer, Fabrics.
  • Agriculture. Grain, flax, sesame.
  • Fishing.
  • Cattle breeding.
  • Production chains. Beer, Pottery, Fabrics, Weaponry, Jewelry.
  • Transportation of products. Transport workers, donkeys, Ox carts.
  • Canals to increase irrigated areas.
  • Three levels of walls.
  • Crime will increase with population. Security guard posts reduce crime.
  • Water access for the population. Wells and Shadufs.
  • Ornamentation. Columns, plants, statues, plazas.
  • Palaces.
  • Tech Tree.
  • Temples and Ziggurats.
  • Trade to sell and import needed materials like cooper and tin.
  • Immigration. Quality of live and city reputation will attract new people.
  • Paths created by the citizens or painted on the map.
  • Statistics of population growth, production, storageā€¦
  • Region maps with different levels of difficulty.

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